At Easy Air + Heat + Plumbing, our team provides professional HVAC services in Columbia and Greenville, SC, including intensive AC repair or even responding to more simple HVAC service calls. However, knowing the difference between HVAC repair and a service call can be difficult, especially for anyone unfamiliar with air conditioners and the HVAC industry. The difference can be due to a variety of factors, including the unit’s age, the last time it was serviced, and the signs of wear and tear. However, learning more about how the HVAC system works and the common signs for AC repair can help home and business owners more successfully diagnose what service they need.

How Air Conditioners Work

The air conditioner is the system tasked with cooling and dehumidifying the air in your home or commercial building. These systems rely on a number of complex and moving parts to efficiently and effectively cool a property. Some of the critical components in an AC unit are the freon, compressor, evaporator coil, expansion valve, and condenser coil. However, due to their constant or near-constant use, most air conditioners in Greenville, Columbia, and other South Carolina areas will eventually succumb to the effects of time, including wear and tear.

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Signs Your AC Unit Needs Repair

Sometimes, a problem with an air conditioner is something simple that only requires a quick service call. Unfortunately, though, there are other instances where an AC unit is in need of more intensive repairs in order to operate properly. If your HVAC system is exhibiting one or more of the following signs, it is likely time to schedule air conditioning repair from the experts at Easy Air + Heat + Plumbing:

AC Unit is Not Cooling

A more obvious but significant sign that AC repair is needed is when your air conditioner is not cooling your home or business. For instance, if it has been several minutes since you activated the system with your thermostat, and the temperature in the room has remained unchanged, this could signal a defective thermostat. However, it could also be an indication of something more serious. In either case, we strongly advise you to schedule an appointment for AC repair.

AC Unit is Making Unusual Noises

Another telltale sign that your AC unit may need servicing is unusual noises emanating from the system whenever it turns on. These could include clicking sounds, grinding, or squealing in addition to the usual humming sound. If you hear any unusual noises such as these coming from your AC unit, it is almost always a sign that something is wrong and AC repair is needed.

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AC is Blowing Hot Air Instead of Cold Air

Imagine turning on your air conditioner, and hot air blows out of the vents instead of cold air. Sadly, issues like this can occur with a broken or improperly functioning AC unit. A broken AC can make summers in Columbia and Greenville unbearable. The frustration of spending hot days and nights in a home or business with no relief from the oppressive heat can be a nightmare. If this is the case for you, don’t wait – schedule AC repair from Easy Air + Heat + Plumbing today!

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