The Trusted Team of Plumbers & HVAC Contractors at Easy Air + Heat + Plumbing

Our mission is quite simple: “To get & keep customers.” We believe the “keep” in our mission statement is a foundation built upon honest, straightforward communication between our team members, customers, and vendors.

This allows us to provide lower prices for the same professional quality due to:

  • Lower Overhead – We keep our overhead lower, and therefore our prices become lower.
  • Elimination of Marketing Costs – We are able to rely less on marketing and advertising campaigns when our great service sells itself.
  • Low Turnover – We are big believers in building a trustworthy team, and this pays off not just financially but also by ensuring all of our team is as dedicated to serving the community as the rest of us are.

With our focus on relationship building, we are also focusing on being the company Upstate SC wants to work for, to provide materials and parts to and, ultimately, to hire to perform expert HVAC and plumbing services to your home.

To ensure great service, we also:

Our company is focused on and formed upon the value of caring. Our staff is here because they believe in our culture of doing the right thing. If you are experiencing a leak in your home, an AC breakdown or need anything related to heating, cooling and plumbing, call Easy Air + Heat + Plumbing and work with a company who cares as much as you do about taking care of it.

Reach us at 864-501-4500. We’ll answer!

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